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Updated: Mar 19

I started blowing glass in 2001, and for the last 20 years I have mainly focused my skills on making vessels and blown glass sculptures "in the round" - meaning that everything is basically on-center and usually symmetrical. I had delusions of grandeur that one day I would start making figurative glass sculptures, using torches and hot bits to manipulate the material, but deep down I wasn't sure if I could push myself in that direction. I don't like being bad at things, especially something that I do for a living, but in order to be good at something new you've gotta be bad at it first! So, after 19 years doing the same type of work, I decided it was time for me to get a little uncomfortable, and started learning how to sculpt the hot glass in entirely new ways. In December of 2019 I switched gears completely and began to explore the sculptural side of glassblowing by making blown and hot sculpted trout (fish). That body of work has grown in the past two years, and I am eager to continue developing these sculptural techniques in order to fine-tune the finished products. Making the fish require everything that I know about glass - all of my skills, techniques and understanding of the material get called upon during the process. It is unlike making vessels in so many ways, requiring hours and hours of prep work to make the fins, and set up the colors and patterning. Making the fish itself takes about 3 or 4 hours non-stop of glassblowing, torchworking, sculpting and hot construction - the whole time I am on edge because if the piece breaks, then usually about 10-20 hours of prep work will go to waste. The level of intensity is high and so are the stakes, but that's now such a new and exciting aspect of my creative process! It's not dissimilar from the feeling I get when I have a big fish on the end of my flyline, there's an excitement that the fish might somehow "get away" or break while I'm working on it - and that's what really gets the blood pumping! So far I have made 7 sculpted glass fish and they really seem to be getting better quickly, which definitely feels good in terms of my over-anxious learning curve. Here are some of the images below, please enjoy and be on the lookout for more to come soon!**

*Currently we are accepting commissions for bespoke glass fish sculptures for new and existing clients. If you have serious interest in commissioning a unique work of art, please call 443-641-7788 and leave a VM, I will return your call right away! - JT

  • Joshua Tracy Glass

My wife and I are so very blessed and proud to report that our firstborn child, Elijah Wilk Tracy, came into this world on the morning of March, 6th 2021. Our lives have been changed forever - for the better! We find ourselves propelled by new purpose as we begin taking on the ultimate responsibility of raising a child.

Eli (as we call him) is now 6 months old, and he's just growing up too fast! Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of spending three days a week taking care of him this Summer, and I cherished every precious moment of our time together. Glassblowing in Baltimore is a three-season profession for me, and I usually run a landscape business during the Summer months. This year however, I decided to trade my lawnmower for a baby stroller in order to spend as much time with my newborn son as possible. Although I will never get those moments back with him again, I have the memories to last a lifetime.

I don't know what my wife and I did right to deserve it, but we have been blessed with a child who has just the most incredible personality and demeanor already. He is such a happy baby, smiling and laughing all day long (except when he's hungry or tired of course), and it's absolutely incredible to watch his consciousness expand as he begins to learn about himself and the world we live in. Parenthood is a gift, and we have truly been blessed by the arrival of our happy and healthy baby Elijah, (especially during these dangerous, uncertain and troubling times of the Coronavirus pandemic). Although we have experienced many trials and tribulations leading up to Eli's birth (and we know there will undoubtedly be many more lurking around the corner as he grows older), my wife and I have begun a new chapter in our lives and our marriage, and we are incredibly grateful to be Elijah's parents!

It's been quite a year so far, and unfortunately from the looks of it things aren't going to get much better this holiday season. The pandemic and its economic fallout have ravaged small businesses across the country, and whatever light there may be at the end of the tunnel seems very dim for a lot of artists in my profession. Thankfully, we've managed to get by so far in 2020, but we are hoping (in fact we are counting on) our clients and new customers to spend wisely this season and support small and local makers/artists instead of padding the pockets of the major online retailers. So here at JTG we are praying for a successful holiday shopping season, and we hope that you will give the gift of glass art to everyone on your shopping list for the "sure-to-be-infamous" 2020 Holiday season!

In addition to our ever-popular blown glass ornaments, pumpkins and flowers, we are now offering a new line of glassware and decorative tableware vessels, called the "JTG Home" Collection. In addition, we will soon be adding some of our unique handmade glass jewelry to the online market and we even have gift cards available for the first time this year. As always we do commissions for clients who have special requests or a unique glass project idea that they want to see realized.

Whether you're shopping for family, friends, clients or co-workers this year, gifting our handmade glass makes a lasting impact and brings smiles to faces all year 'round. Each one of our items comes giftboxed and we ship (insured packages) to anywhere in the world. As always we utilize strict COVID packaging and handling procedures to help keep our employees and our customers as safe as possible during these uncertain times.

Stay at home this season and be safe, but shop with small businesses and help support the makers and artists who are fighting hard to stay afloat and weather this storm ... #supportyourlocalglassblower and shop online with Joshua Tracy Glass today!!!