Welcome to the website for Joshua Tracy Glass! Established in 2004, we have been creating handcrafted glass art in the Baltimore area for nearly 15 years. Using traditional and modern Venetian glassblowing techniques, Joshua Tracy brings the glass art medium to the masses in the form of hand-blown ornaments, pumpkins, paperweights, flowers, vases, bowls, lighting fixtures and custom commissions. Working as the apprentice for Master Glassblower, Anthony Corradetti, since 2004 ... Joshua is carrying on a tradition of glassblowing excellence, which Corradetti began establishing decades ago in Baltimore. (www.corradetti.com)

     Classically trained by some of the country's premier glassblowing experts, Tracy creates unique off-hand vessel forms with bold color schemes and intricate patterns. These modern interpretations of timeless vessel shapes allow the artist to pay homage to past masters of his ancient craft, while the bold color schemes, innovative patterns and surface textures allow Tracy to inject, activate and transform each vessel shape into abstract 3-D paintings.