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Wavy Bowls

Wavy Bowls


New for 2022, our Wavy Bowls feature twisted stripes of white and your choice of colors. These unique bowls are decorated with a swirled pattern with a subtle brush-like texture on the surface of the glass. The size makes this bowl perfect for bar snacks or candy, and it can even be used as a candle votive or as a table centerpiece. These beauties are brand new, but selling fast so place your order today!

  • Our Wavy Bowls are all handmade and each one will be unique in terms of the scalloped lip.  These bowls come giftboxed and include a custom greeting card, personalized to the recipient if you are giving as a gift! 

    Wavy Bowl dimensions:

    *6"x 6"x 5"
    *Actual dimensions can vary slightly with each bowl

  • Shipping costs often vary and the cost generated by this website may not be 100% accurate, so please allow some flexibility for us to contact you regarding shipping costs before we process your order. Packages will always be insured for the full retail value of the items inside, however please contact us directly if you should ever receive broken or damaged merchandise. 

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