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Belly-up Pints

Belly-up Pints


     The second item available from our JTG Home Collectionthe Belly-up Pint is the perfect blend of function and fancy in drinking glass form. These perfectly-balanced glasses are elegant in form, thoughtful in color and practical in design. Whether you're pouring a perfect pint at the pub, or sweating with a sweet tea in the Summertime ... the Belly-up Pint will soon become your favorite glass!

  •      Sold as singles or in sets of 4, each glass holds an Imperial pint (20oz) in volume. Each Belly-up Pint is handmade and no two cups are exactly the same. Some are a touch thicker or thinner, but we keep them very similar and the dimensions are almost exact. Glasses are dishwasher safe, but only up to 180F degrees. Do not pour boiling water or beverages into these glasses as they will most likely break upon contact.
    *Please specify your color choices for the multi-pack option in the order notes section of the checkout screen.

    Belly-up Pint dimensions:
    6" tall x 3.75" wide

  •      Shipping costs often vary and the cost generated by this website may not be 100% accurate, so please allow some flexibility for us to contact you regarding shipping costs before we process your order. Packages will always be insured for the full retail value of the items inside, however please contact us directly if you should ever receive broken or damaged merchandise. Gift-wrapping and personalized cards are available upon request for a small fee if you are sending a gift, please leave a note on the order at checkout!

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