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The making of a "Gemstone Collection" holiday ball ...

Here's a short video clip of us making one of our "Gemstone Collection" holiday balls from a few years back. All of the blowing and shaping happens at once and the heat, thickness, shape and air pressure needs to be just right in order to get the perfect sphere necessary for each holiday ball.


In this clip, we are sticking a hook onto the finished holiday ball. As you can see, the glass is super gooey as it comes hot out of the furnace at around 2100°F. We stick the glob of hot glass on the top of the ball and quickly use metal tools to snip it and shape it into a clear glass hook.

Each one comes with a looped cord and a padded gift box, ready to hang and safe to store! Year after year our holiday ball decorations make for thoughtful gifts to family, friends, co-workers and clients ... we can do custom orders for larger quantities as well, so please email to inquire and learn more about our commission process.



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